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Residential Shredding Made Easy And Secure.

Kelshred brings secure document destruction to your front door. Keep your personal information safe with our convenient residential shredding services.

Our Purpose

To deliver security and peace of mind to our customers and our community through superior customer service, environmental sustainability, and accessible shredding services.

Mobile Shredding Service

Our truck will come to your home and our friendly technician will help you properly destroy all your old documents.


KelShred cares about the environment, that’s why we recycle all shredded materials. Choosing KelShred for document destruction is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Certificate of Destruction

Following every service, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your materials have been securely destroyed.

Drop Off Shredding Service

Always on the go? Drop off your documents for shredding at our Kelsan facility in East Knoxville.

Fight Identity Theft

Keeping documents that contain personal information in your home could put you at risk for identity theft and other crimes that can have a devastating impact on families. Protect yourself with shredding services by KelShred.

Hard Drive Destruction

Simply erasing or reformatting a hard drive is not enough to ensure that you are safe from the risk of having your private information stolen. Our hard drive shredding service ensures your data is completely removed. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

Have a question you don’t see listed? Give us a call at 833-577-4733 and we’ll be happy to help!

Does Paper Have To Be Sorted?
Any of our approved items can be put in the box unsorted, staples and all!
What Materials Can You Shred?
Approved items for shredding include: office paper, file folders, spiral bound files and CD’s and floppy discs. Please call if you are interested in hard drive destruction.
What Size Jobs Can KelShred Do?

We will take on any shredding project, large or small. 

Does KelShred Recycle?

Shredded paper materials are taken to West Rock recycling plant in Knoxville, TN. West Rock then bales and resells the materials in an ongoing, sustainable effort.

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“Great customer service! The shred jobs are always quick and easy.”

“The driver was friendly and got the job done quick. Really convenient, I would recommend. “

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