Shredding Made Easy and Secure.

KelShred is the partner you can count on to ensure your company is safe from the rising risk of data breaches. 

Shredding Made Easy and Secure.

KelShred is the partner you can count on to ensure your company is safe from the rising risk of data breaches. 


Your business handles a lot of sensitive information.


We can tackle small or large shredding projects. 


We believe in improving the quality of our world.

Protecting You and Your Clients.


One-Time Document Purges

Need a one time shred? We’ve got you! We will come to your business and help get rid of those stacks of documents.


Recurring Shredding Services

You can easily schedule a recurring shredding service. We offer several options to fit what you need.


Hard Drive Destruction

We offer hard drive destruction services. Give us a call for more info.

Your Security Is Our Priority. 

The costs of a data breach can be staggering, both in dollars and reputation. According to IBM’s 2018 Cost of a Data Breach study, the average cost of a data breach in the United States is around $7.91m. Direct costs such as legal fees, cost of notification and outsourcing support are significant, in addition to indirect costs such as loss of reputation, diminished goodwill and the time and effort spent building trust with new clients.

Laws like HIPAA, FACTA and the Gramm Leach Bliley Act all protect customers from having their sensitive information publicly distributed, but impose a significant burden upon businesses in terms of compliance. 


With KelShred, you can take the necessary steps today to ensure that all personal customer data is properly disposed of on your schedule. Click below to get more information about how KelShred can make your document management fast, easy and secure.



We Make Document Management Easy





Family Roots, Global Presence.

From a small business out of the back of a truck, Kelsan Inc. and The Keller Group family of businesses have grown to serve customers from Appalachia to Dubai. Throughout our growth, we have stayed true to our purpose – Our Customers and Employees Love to Work with Us.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Have a question you don’t see listed? Give us a call at 855-763-7309 and we’ll be happy to help!

How do we Store Paper that Needs to be Shredded?

KelShred will supply you with a locked bin that includes an opening big enough to fit materials that need to be shredded. This box will remain locked until we pick it up to be shredded.

Does Paper Have to be Sorted?

Any of our approved items can be put in the box unsorted, staples and all!

What Materials Can You Shred?

Approved items for shredding include: office paper, file folders, spiral bound files and CD’s and floppy discs. Please call if you are interested in hard drive destruction.

What happens to the shredded paper?

We recycle shredded materials.

What Size Jobs Can KelShred Do?

We will take on any shredding project, large or small. Whether your company is small, or a major organization, KelShred is willing to help with your shredding needs.

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